WE ARE IN THE PROCESS OF BUILDING THIS WEBSITE AND A GLOBAL SPORTS EMPIRE!...CALLED "THE APOGARMY!" WE HOPE YOU JOIN US...CUZ TO BE HONEST?......WE WANNA SHOOT YOU! (And its gonna hurrrt:). in the meantime bare with us as we grow. if you wanna get paid while having the time of your life like no other...ur in the right place! join the apogarmy now troop! it will be the most exciting rush of your lives-hooyaahh!

for any questions and more info please contact the league director bill hoyos @ bill_hoyos@yahoo.com for now.
we will have an 800 # up soon among others. you can also contact us @ skype-itsmrbill and itsmrbillhkki@hotmail.com

join our list become a member of the site to stay updated on the whole sitrep!-hooup? we will n-o-t- give out your information it will always be saafe with us and we will n-o-t- spam you!

thanks for stoppin by!

apog president/ceo
MR. bill hoyos

305-720-6067 cell
855-979-7283 webstore / FRONT OFFICE

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